Manual Sausage Caulk Guns

Sausage caulking guns are one of bread-winning products in SSF. Due to the importance of environmental awareness, more and more customers start to use sachet pack and bulk. In order to meet and satisfy customers’ need, these sausage guns are designed for sachet pack and bulk caulk. If you would like to have same functions as single component cartridge, you can remove the plunger easily with our patented quick fit design. Depending on sizes of cartridge you’ve picked, it can be changed to 310ml (10oz)/ 400ml (13.5oz) cartridge without any tool. It’s a multi-functional product and easy to use for all professionals and DIY users. 


Kits with sausage guns 

SSF offers three different sizes of sausage guns such as 310ml (10oz)/ 400ml (13.5oz) and 600ml (20oz) cartridge. Each kind of sausage gun is attached to a standard nozzle and a black large flow nozzle with measurement marked.  Each of them are 2-in-1 sausage guns once you install our 2-in-1 plunger. If you are the user of bulk caulk, we offer a kit to match with your bulk caulk. Then, it would become a 3 in 1 bulk guns. It comes ready to use with cartridges, sausage packs and bulk guns. By the way, if you would like to cut the threaded nipples of cartridge and nozzles easily, you could refer our cartridge cutter. It’s an indispensable accessory for your caulking gun because compared to utility knifes, it won’t hurt you and cut yourself accidentally.


Types of barrel sand end caps

SSF also offers three types of barrels including durable PP translucent, PC transparent (clear), and anodized aluminum barrel. Besides, there are two types of aluminum barrels can be chosen from such as aluminum barrel with brush finished and aluminum barrel with matte finished. Additionally, we offer color customization for barrels. When it comes to end caps, there are three types of them including durable nylon, aluminum alloy and quick fit design steel. You can choose the material you prefer.


Different thrust ratio sausage guns apply to different materials thickness

Depending on how viscous your sealants are, you can pick different thrust ratio of sausage guns. For instance, CE and P4 series (12:1) is for low and medium viscosity (eg. latex, silicone). CG series (18:1) and CL series (26:1) is for medium and high viscosity (eg. Epoxy, Polyurethane).


If you frequently use different types of sealants or apply the sealants when the temperature are fluctuating, the performance of sealants may vary depending on the situation. Fortunately, we’ve manufactured a special series of bulk guns - Magic switch series (SR, SRD and SGD). You can quickly and smoothly switch between two ratio system. It’s like no other on the caulk gun market. We also adds a 3-stage drip/non-drip system on it which becomes all new series (SRD,SGD). It allows users to switch between two mode (drip and non-drip) depends on the situation. With this unique design, you can apply the sealants with high output capacity and easily squeeze the trigger. Besides, we offer different thrust ratio from 12:1 to 52:1. Choose the right thrust ratio dispensers for your application!


Optional functions

Our sausage applicator provides dripless functions to you. With dripless functions, when you squeeze the trigger, the sealant won’t drip down.

For specific descriptions about our sausage guns, you can click the series you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to make an inquiry. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.