52:1 Series Power Caulking Gun

SSF manufactures 52:1 power caulking gun that can squeeze any thicker sealant such as epoxy and epoxy-seal in the frozen weather. It’s our exclusive product for professional users who prefer the highest performance drive of caulking guns. It accepts 330ml cartridge or optional 400ml cartridge. With patented 2-in-1 convertible rod puller (like batman appearance), you can pull the rod comfortably and fold it into a hook puller. When you take a break at work, you could hang it on the scaffold. It also features 360° rotary steel argon welding carriage. When you hold your caulk guns, you will feel like its solid and heavy duty weight and appearance. Using rotary handle or carriage, you can apply the caulk anywhere simply. If you are applying epoxy in hard-to reach space, you can buy a long nozzle and put it on the epoxy. This can help you simply reach the area and finishing your caulk work. It’s unprecedented in the world because our 52 single component caulk guns can be comparable to the functions of electric caulk guns. If you are searching for high-end caulking guns, you have to refer this caulk guns and take a look at its specifications.