Co-axial Cartridge Guns

With the rising usage for 2-component materials, SSF offers multi-component caulk guns combing the functions of manual dispenser for single cartridge and coaxial cartridge. SSF provide two series coaxial cartridge guns which can accommodate industry standard 330ml and 380ml coaxial cartridge in 10:1 mix ratio. It’s available for various application such as injection mortar, construction joints, cracks and holes sealing, chemical anchor…etc.


330ml Series (11 oz)

SSF offers multiple 330ml coaxial cartridge guns in different thrust ratio. For people who usually apply medium and high viscosity materials such as polyurethane and adhesive, you can refer our CG-330CK (18:1 thrust ratio). For people who look for high performance coaxial cartridge gun, you can refer our CL-330CK (26:1 thrust ratio). For people who frequently apply low to high viscosity materials, you can refer our SD-330C (12:1 to 24:1 thrust ratio). It features quick switch thrust ratio system for applying multiple materials such as 2-component epoxy, urethanes, acrylic, polyester and other adhesive and sealants. For professionals, we recommend you to choose our 52X-330C (52:1 thrust ratio). It features highest performance drive which makes you accelerate power of extruding materials and reduce hand fatigue. Each one is equipped with patented nylon carriage caps. It’s for stably holding carriage without moving or deforming. At the same time, it can achieve the effects of aesthetic and functional. Hexagonal vice-rods will not be twisted and screws won’t loosen when you squeeze materials. No trigger gaps functions offer precise and efficient dispensing and eliminate materials waste.


380ml Series (12.8 oz)

380ml coaxial cartridge guns include various thrust ratio for different application. CG-380K (18:1 thrust ratio) coaxial cartridge gun can apply medium and high viscosity materials such as Vinyl-ester and epoxy acrylate. Our CL-380K (26:1 thrust ratio) can extrude high viscosity materials. It features high performance drive. You can apply thicker sealants in low temperature environment. Our SD-380K (12:1 to 24:1 thrust ratio) can handle low to high viscosity materials. It features patented quick switch thrust ratio system which enables you convert thrust ratio in seconds for every situation use. Our 52X-380 (52:1 thrust ratio ) can dispense highest viscosity materials such as thickened epoxy. It’s a high-end coaxial cartridge gun for professionals. No matter how thicker materials are, its high performance drive can reduce your hand fatigue and make you efficiently produce materials.

All our coaxial cartridge guns are high quality construction for long-term using. 



We always listen to our customers’ voice, so we are glad to provide OEM services for you. To make your caulk gun distinctive, we can print your brand logo on carriage or paste a dome sticker on the protect casing. It’s a great way to build brand awareness and let customers believe in your high quality products. Rubber coating on grip and trigger for CG-330CK, CL 330CK, CG-380k and CL-380K can be customized. You can offer the preferred color to us. Patented impact-resistant polypropylene casing can cover the compacts of caulk guns and prevent dust at the same time. If you prefer one caulk gun with dripless function, we are pleased to add it.

If you have any requirement or questions, please feel free to make an inquiry to us.

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