Magic Switch Series Two Component Dispenser

To satisfy customers’ needs, we’ve developed and manufactured a magic switch series for applying low to high viscosity materials. This series features quick switch thrust ratio from 12:1 to 24:1. How does it work? Imaging that you are shifting gears on a bike when you are riding on a flat rad or on a mountain bike, bike gears shifting can give you extra power to help you fight tiredness in different situations. The rough mountain road and steep hill (thicker viscosity material) increase difficulties of riding (applying caulk), so you have to switch to low gearing (higher thrust ratio) for accelerating the power to move. On the other hand, you don’t need to extra power when you are riding a flat road (lower viscosity materials), so you just have to switch to high gearing (lower thrust ratio) to ride in high speeds. Therefore, with our magic switch series caulk gun, you don’t have to buy two different drive dual component dispensers to meet separate situations. It’s an all-in-one caulk gun and favored by lots of people in the world.

Coaxial cartridge guns

Compared to other series coaxial cartridge guns, the handle and trigger is made by polishing finish aluminum. The appearance looks shinier than others. No trigger gaps manages the amount of sealants well. Once you start to apply caulk, you won’t squeeze the air out. This function help you smoothly and precisely dispense the sealants anywhere. It’s suitable for low to high viscosity material such as epoxy acrylate chemical anchor, epoxy adhesives…etc. It can be applied in various industry such as construction, marine, automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, railroad and so on. Owing to three rods moving together, you can apply one component sealants and 2-part materials on our coaxial cartridge guns.


Dual component cartridge guns and Dual Cartridge Heavy Duty Caulk Guns

To make the appearance better looking and attractive, the handle and trigger is made by polishing finish aluminum. TPE rubber soft grip is designed for comfortable holding and long-lasting. You could see the rubber soft grip on the one side of trigger. Two component sealants and adhesives exist in several mixing ratio and volumes in the market. Thus, we do our best to develop and manufacture a variety of two component dual cartridge guns. You can pick your preference for the functions, appearances and materials of our dual component cartridge guns. We install pipe clamps on the carriage so as to prevent 2 component cartridge from deforming while you are squeezing the trigger. As for the arc shaped carriage one, the carriage can stably hold your cartridge without pipe clamps. Last but not least, our heavy duty one (SD-600 and SD-825) is made by high level materials so that it’s heavier than others. If you prefer this series, you could also refer that.

Other customization

We offer OEM services so that you can make your own product. There are multiple ways showing your logo on your magic switch two component dispensers. For instance, you can ask for domed stickers on the polypropylene casing. Logo printing screen or label on the carriage is available.