12:1 Series Bulk Gun

12:1 bulk gun can accommodate 310ml, 400ml and 600ml bulk. It can apply low and medium viscosity bulk. It features quick fit and toolless plunger system which means the plunger can be placed by hand. We offer a quick fit plunger to let you pick and buy. It’s a 3-in-1 plunger. You can install this plunger on your bulk guns so that it can accept sachet pack sealants and bulk caulk while removing it can accommodate cartridge. To make you work convenient, we will attach a standard nozzle and a black large flow nozzle. No matter how munch amount of sealants you would like to dispense, our nozzles can meet your demand. As a professional bulk gun manufacture and supplier, we keep improving our products. No loss trigger action can precisely control the amount of bulk so that it can deliver materials efficiently and smoothly. Moreover, in order to prevent materials from running on, we add a dripless functions on this bulk gun. Therefore, when you temporarily stop your bulk work, the materials won’t keep dripping down.  

Other customization

Depending on your preference, we offer a 2-in-1 convertible rod puller (batman type) and a ladder hook puller (J typed) to let you make a choice. In terms of barrels, we provide PP translucent, PC transparent and anodized aluminum barrels for you. The standard color of aluminum barrel is black and matte silver. Other colors is available. We are pleased to assist you if you have any questions about our high quality bulk guns.