Unique Rodless Caulking Gun Series

Are you usually obstructed by the hook of caulk guns when you apply caulk? Don’t worry. Here is a solution to it.


We’ve invented and manufactured a unique rodless caulking gun. The rodless caulk guns remove the ladder hook and install this functions on the top of the carriage. A steel belt replace the rod puller so that you can smoothly push and pull the button.  When you install a full sealant on your caulk guns, you won’t be disturbed by the ladder hook. SSF-168 caulk gun is equipped with patented release pressure system. It will automatically release the pressure once you press the upper part of the trigger. When you temporarily stop applying caulk, you can press the upper trigger to stop sealants dripping down. Furthermore, SSF-168 handle is located in the middle of the caulk gun body. It’s stable for you to hold this caulking gun without tilting forward. Our unique rodless caulking guns are designed for smoothly and comfortably applying caulk in a narrow space. With belt-in hook, you can hang it on your belt. Compared to caulk guns with ladder hook, you can smoothly do whatever you want without being caught on the hook.


Product Descriptions

It’s ideal for low viscosity material such as latex and silicone. It’s also perfect for corner sealing with rodless puller. The caulk gun body of SSF-188P is made of nylon material. There are three standard colors (blue, black and red) to choose from. 


We always put ourselves on customers’ shoes. We only manufacture high-quality and useful caulk guns. Only if we continuously manufacture and develop new unique products with premium quality will our customers be satisfied with our caulk guns. Our unique rodless caulking guns won’t let you get disappointed!


If you are interested in it, please take a look at our rodless series silicone caulking gun. It’s definitely the most awesome tool you’ve ever used!