Caulking Dispensers, Sausage Guns and Accessories

With 30-year experiences, SSF continues to develop and manufacture high and steady quality caulk guns for our clients. We mainly manufacture four types of products including single component dispensers, sausage caulk guns, two component dispensers and other accessories. Our caulk guns are sold around the world and win a great reputation.

Single component dispensers

We’ve provide different series from 7X series to 52X series to meet the requirements of the viscosity of materials. For low and medium viscosity material, please refer our 7X and 12X series caulking dispenser. For stable holding and unique appearance, you can refer our 10X series. It wins great reputation in Europe market. For high viscosity material such as PU, epoxy or concrete, you can refer our 18X or 26X series. They are capable to apply caulk in cold weather with high-performance drive when sealants get thicker on the low temperature. There is another professional option. Our 52X power dispenser can bring similar effects as electric caulking guns or air caulking guns when you apply high viscosity sealant. For people who work in narrow space and usually hook caulk guns on the belt, you can refer our unique rodless series. It removes the ladder hook, so you can move fluently and do corner sealing. For variable mechanical thrust ratio, you can refer our magic switch series. You can quickly switch 12:1 to 24:1 thrust ratio and apply low to high viscosity material.


If you are interested in our single component dispenser, don’t hesitate to get more information and contact us.


Sachet component dispenser (Sausage / bulk guns)

The significance of environment awareness makes people buy soft pack sealants more often. Soft pack sealants won’t cause recycle garbage (hard pack cartridge). More and more people tend to buy sausage guns. Compared to other brands’ caulk guns, our sausage guns are multi-functional. We’ve developed and manufactured two special kits to make it more useful. Placing our 2-in-1 plunger can accommodate soft pack sealant and cartridge while placing our 3-in-1 plunger can accommodate cartridge, soft pack and bulk. When you want to change it, you can quickly remove the barrel and original plunger without tools. Then, placing 2-in-1/ 3-in-1 plunger to accommodate sachets pack and bulk. For low and medium viscosity material (e.g. latex and silicone), you can refer our 12X series. For medium and high viscosity (eg. epoxy, polyurethane), you can refer our 18X and 26X series. For cold weather use with highest performance drive, you can refer our patented 52X series. For variable mechanical thrust ratio in one gun, you can refer our magic switch series. We also offer handle protect case for CE, CG and CL series. We are willing to accept dripless functions on each sausage gun. Each caulk guns are attached to a standard nozzle and a black large flow nozzle with measurement marked.


If you are interested in our sausage caulk gun, please click each series sausage guns to discover more information.


Two component dispensers

To meet the large demand of sealant market, we manufacture multiple sizes of dual cartridge guns (1:1) from 160ml, 180ml, 200ml, 400ml, 600ml up to 1500ml. Another series is co-axial component dispenser (10:1) for 330ml and 380ml materials. Our co-axial dispenser can be compatible with single cartridge. For DIY users and professional markets, you can refer our 50ml series. Our patented design can be used to 1:1 & 2:1 & 10:1 side by side cartridge. For medium and high viscosity, you can refer 18X and 26X series. For higher viscosity sealants and working in cold weather, you can refer our 52X series. You can smoothly squeeze the sealants with our 52X two component dispenser once your sealants get thicker in low temperature. For semi-professional and construction workers who need variable thrust ratio, you can refer our magic switch series. Some epoxy gun can compatible with 1:1 and 2:1 cartridges. The handles are made of high quality aluminum with epoxy coated finished. The handle and protect cases are available. If you prefer dripless functions on two component caulking guns, we are pleased to add.



SSF manufactures a variety of caulking gun accessories to let you work easier.

1.      2 in 1 cartridge cutter: a convenient and safe tool to let you cut the threaded nipples and nozzles effortlessly

2.      blow out pumps: a useful tool for building users to clean the sand and dust from drilled holes

3.      universal mixer: a useful tool for trade professionals to stir the low viscosity materials such as adhesives, chemical coating, paints and so on


Make your caulk guns unique (OEM services)

SSF offers OEM products and we are willing to design your own caulking guns. In terms of handle and trigger, you can choose aluminum, steel and nylon materials depending on each series. Besides, SSF provides customized services for handle casing (covering) so that you can protect the body of caulk guns. You can also paste a sticker or print your logo on the caulk guns. There are three standard colors (black, red, blue) for single and dual component caulk guns. Other special colors are also available. If you have any requirement, you could contact us. There are three standard barrels for sausage guns including durable PP translucent, PC transparent (clear), and anodized aluminum barrel. Their standard colors are blue and matte silver. We accept other colors customization. If you want, please make an inquiry. Our packing is complete. We can paste your own polyester sticker on the protect casing. To prevent caulk guns broken during shipment, one caulk gun is packed in one plastic bag and 12 caulk guns are packed in one carton.

Now, you can start to discover SSF caulk guns and accessories. If you are interested in it, please feel free to make an inquiry.