Caulking Dispensers and Silicone Dispenser Tools

Siang Syuan Fu is a manufacturer of silicone dispenser tools and caulking dispensers, in order to satisfy customers' demand, SSF develops different range of silicone dispenser.
SSF mainly produce high quality dispensing applicator, we have many range of single caulking guns, choose your correct tools, and make you work easier.

If you need to squeeze large flow, please choose our 7X series or 12X series caulking dispenser, the other hand, if your material is PU, Epoxy or Concrete, you can refer our 18X series or 26X series, they are easy to use in cold weather as the sealants will be thicker on the low temperature, another professional option, we offer 52X powerful dispenser to instead of air caulking guns or electric caulking guns, it is very unique design and magical mechanism, you can squeeze very sticky or thick material and suitable in cold weather.

Also if you usually work at narrow space area or you are always hook the dispenser on your belt and climb the building, you can check our patented Rod less series caulking gun so that you can work without any long rod!!

SSF also offers innovative design and specialized caulking applicator, Magic switch ratio series, Dispensing tool with Variable thrust ratio.
This dispensing gun combined 12X and 24X thrust ratio advantage, easier switch the button, change the ratio and flow, you can use one gun to squeeze low viscosity too high viscosity sealants!
Regarding the sealant market and your cartridge size, we have hundreds of carriage size and different kind of materials, such as single silicone, polyurethane (PU), epoxy, acrylic, latex, two component, A+B epoxy, latex sealant, adhesive, concrete, sachet pack adhesives, similar compounds and so on.

For the handle and trigger, we present aluminum, steel and nylon material.
SSF also designs handle casing (cover) that you have options to protect body inside and nice look with your brand logo.

SSF offers OEM products and design your own unique caulking guns!
Enhance your marketing and expand your product line with our patented technology and build your caulking gun are in a class by yourself!!
It is as distinctive as your product – New look with your company logo and colors.

If you are the professional user, we have the caulking part tool, if you are the building user, we offer blow out pump, we have three of size pump, and it is easier clean the sand and dust from drill holes.
We have 2 in 1 cartridge cutter, it can cut the cartridge nipple and the nozzles.
Silicone scraper tool with multi-function.
Silicone trowel, remover and soft pad with 5 size radius can install could apply in adhesive applicator.
The mixer / mixing paddle use in bulk adhesive for trade professionals, our partner offers universal mixer, spiral mixing paddle, negative three blade mixer and swift and quick mixer.
Our mixers are made using durable top grade materials and are one of the best mixers on the market.

So now please enjoy our caulking tools page and feel free to make inquiry so that we can service you accordingly.