12:1 Single Manual Dispenser

Our 12:1 manual dispenser support large flow sealants when you squeeze the caulk gun’s trigger. This manual caulk guns can be applied for low and medium viscosity such as latex, acrylic, silicone and adhesive. On the other hand, no matter you are a DIY user or a glazier, you could choose this series. Besides, we offer material customization for your trigger. You can pick the durable nylon+glass fiber handle and trigger or aluminum ally handle+Steel trigger. Our patented rotating barrel can allow for maneuvering in tight. Thus, when you apply the caulk anywhere, you can smoothly rotate the handle without obstruction. Our ladder hook can be changeable. There are an original ladder hook (like an umbrella hook) and a 2 in 1 convertible rod puller (like batman type puller). You can decide which kinds of puller you prefer and make an inquiry to us. In order to meet  your demand, SSF solve your caulking questions with our high quality caulk guns.


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