26:1 Series Bulk Gun for sausage pack, bulk and cartridge

26:1 bulk gun is a professional high thrust ratio bulk gun. It’s ideal for thicker materials (e.g. construction sealants, polyurethane sealants, marine adhesive sealants...) and people who usually work in a colder environment. Due to our patented quick fit and toolless plunger system, it can be compatible with bulk, sausage packs and cartridge.  A special 3-in-in plunger is designed for bulk guns. To prevent bulk caulk from back flowing, we install a seal ring on the plunger. Thus, this plunger can accommodate not only bulk caulk but also sausage packs. Removing it, you can apply cartridge in the barrel. It’s pretty easily convertible without any tools. In addition, it’s equipped with multiple useful functions. Our patented no-loss trigger action can delivery materials smoothly and precisely so that it can produce great results without waste. Dripless functions can prevent materials run-on so as to let you work comfortable. You don’t have to clean the sealants dripping on the ground. Each bulk gun is attached one standard nozzle and one large flow nozzle. It can be used in different caulk work (large and small amount of sealing). Revolving barrel enables you to apply caulk on the corner easily.

Optional Customization

If you would prefer other kinds of barrels, you could make an inquiry. There are PP translucent barrel, PC transparent barrel (clear one), and anodized aluminum barrel. Aluminum barrel offers brush finish colors and matte finish color. For magnificent appearance, you could ask for polypropylene casing and brand dome sticker on it. Ladder hooks is also our OEM services. You can pick T shaped, batman shaped and J shaped ladder hook. Batman shaped and T shaped are ergonomics ladder hook. Their great point of application force and comfortable holding makes you save time and effort in pulling. No dripless version is available to pick. The steel catch plate offer pressure release function once your thumb press it. It can immediately release the pressure  to prevent excess caulk leakage. Without dripless function, you can also own a caulk guns for perfect caulk work.   


If you like our high quality products, don’t hesitate to offer your sealants volumes to us. We are glad to recommend the most suitable bulk guns for you.