52:1 Series Bulk Gun

52:1 bulk gun is high-end bulk gun at SSF. To meet professionals’ demand, we manufacture a unique bulk gun which can apply highest viscosity materials and produce great result. It’s also perfect for low temperature environment usage. It can accommodate 600ml bulk pack. As a professional bulk gun manufacturer, we always make our bulk gun unique from others and manufacture the most useful bulk gun for our customers. We install a quick fit and toolless system on bulk gun so as to let it be compatible with bulk packs, sausage packs and cartridge. We also design a 3-in-1 plunger for bulk guns. 3-in-1 plunger is equipped with a seal ring. When you load bulk caulk, your sealants won’t back flow. It can also accommodate 300ml, 400ml and 600ml (10.1oz-13.5oz-20.3oz) sausage pack. Removing the plunger, our bulk guns can accept 310ml and 400ml (10.5oz and 13.5oz) cartridge. The plunger change process can be done without any tools. It’s pretty convenient. High quality functions make bulk guns durable and practical. No-loss trigger action offer efficient and precise dispensing so that it can product great output without material waste. Lots of customers prefer a dripless bulk guns for better using. Our bulk guns can prevent materials from continuously flowing and dripping. No dripless version can achieve same effect as long as you press the steel catch plate to release pressure. No matter how viscous your bulk caulk is, our 52:1 bulk gun can delivery sealants with great result. Overall, our 52:1 bulk gun is high-speed and professional bulk gun that you’ve ever used.


Optional Customization

Barrels include transparent one, translucent one and anodized aluminum one. Color customization on barrels offer two standard colors such as black and matte silver. To make your bulk gun unique than others, you could offer your preferred color and brand logo to us. We are pleased to help you do brand logo laser-printing on your barrel. For ergonomics ladder hook, you can pick 2-in-1 convertible rod puller and T shaped rod puller. It can save your time and effort in applying bulk caulk.