As a professional caulk gun manufacturer and supplier, we not only manufacture high quality caulk gun but also manufacture useful accessory and tool. Nozzles are a necessary accessory for sausage guns and bulk caulk guns. It’s a polypropylene manufacturing product which is designed for one application. After using it, you should discard it and replace a new one. To meet customers’ large demand on nozzles usage, we offer a standard nozzle and a large flow nozzle with measurement marked for 10 pieces in one PE bag package. You can choose one suitable for your caulk application. Both of them can make the materials flow smoothly. Black nozzle is marked with measurement, so it’s convenient for you to cut sizes. If you want to enlarge the sizes of cone, you can cut nozzles with our cartridge cutter. Our cutter is safer and useful than utility knife. It’s easy to cut nozzles to any sizes with perfect angle. Caulk nozzle applicator can be used in joint sealing, window sealing, and other construction application.


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