Caulking Gun Tool Accessories

SSF manufacture and supply multiple accessories such as cartridge cutter, blow out pumps, nozzles and window adjuster so as to make your caulk work simply and smoothly.

50ML Dual Component Dispensing Gun

50ML dual cartridge manual applicator features interchangeable cartridge ratios and push pistons system. It’s compatible with 1:1, 2:1 and 10:1 mix ratio side by side cartridge. It’s suitable for low materials and dental usage. We offer a toolbox package for all compacts and this dispenser so that you can easily bring it. 

Cartridge Cutter

Cartridge cutter is an innovative product that can let you cut the threaded nipples and nozzles safely because the razor blade is cladded by the impact-resistant ABS body. There is also equipped with a safety switch button. As you push the safety button, the cutter will pop out. Then, you can safely cut the nozzle without easily getting hurt.


If you buy our sausage guns, we will attach a standard nozzle and a black large flow nozzle to each sausage gun. Nozzles are necessity of sausage guns. When you apply caulk, you need a suitable nozzle to help sealants flow out smoothly. Depending on your caulking situation, you can choose our standard nozzle or black large flow nozzle. If you usually squeeze large flow sealants, you can pick our black nozzle with measurement marked. It’s easier for you to decide which size you want to cut in a measurement marked nozzle. Our cartridge cutter is your best assistant to cut the size of nozzles effortlessly and safely.


Blow out pumps

There are multiple blow out pumps from small to large sizes. The blow out pump is necessary tool to conduct chemical anchor system. Before inserting your chemical anchor, you have to clean the massive sand and dust from drill holes in solid concrete.

Our blow out pumps come in handy. It can meet the length of drilled holes you want to insert the chemical anchor.


Aluminum window and door adjuster

Aluminum window and door adjuster is used to assist window installer in ensuring the window is equal at both side. Firstly, you should ensure the aluminum window installation site. Then, installing adjusters at both side (each side for one adjuster) under the frame of the window. Third, using adjusters to ensure the width of window frame is the same at both side. Finally, you can easily adjust the height of the window.