26X Series Two Component Dispenser

SSF manufactured a wide range of 26:1 drive professional dual component cartridge guns. Two component dispensers are divided into co-axial manual epoxy applicators and dual component cartridge guns. They are all perfect for applying 2-part materials such as epoxy adhesives, polyurethane construction sealants, butyl rubber sealants…and so on. Dual component guns are used in several industry such as automotive, construction, hoof caring, waterproofing…etc. Compared to 18X series dual component cartridge guns, 26X series dual component cartridge guns are more practical when you are applying 2-part materials.


2-in-1 co-axial cartridge guns

CL-330CK and CL-380K are SSF co-axial cartridge guns. They comes ready in use with 310ml-330ml and 380ml co-axial cartridge in 10:1 mixing ratio. Co-axial cartridge guns are not only designed for 2-part materials but also for single component materials in this market because the three rods will move together. Featuring no trigger gaps can provide precise dispensing and durable usage. It’s perfect for cold weather since high-performance drive could offer strong power when your sealants get thicker. Rubber coating on trigger is available. With it, you can comfortably holding it.


Dual component cartridge guns and Dual Cartridge Heavy Duty Caulk Guns

CL-600U2K and CL-200U2K has arc shaped carriage so as to prevent 2-part materials cartridge from deforming. It can be used for any 2-part materials in 1:1 mixing ratio. CL-600K and CL-825K can separately accommodate 600-625ml and 825-900ml cartridge. You will feel these caulk guns are heavier than others when you are holding them. The heavy duty construction makes them durable and high-quality. It’s designed for professionals and other people who prefer high-quality products. Some dual component dual cartridge caulk guns are attached pipe clamps to stably hold the cartridge. Thus, when you are using any dual component cartridge guns at SSF, they can produce great results. Depending on your mixing ratio and volumes of cartridge, you can definitely find a suitable dual component cartridge guns at SSF.