18:1 Patented 360° Rotary Type Applicator Guns

18:1 rotary single component dispenser is ideal for silicone, construction adhesive, polyurethane (PU), epoxy and concrete. It’s also available in the cold weather use because this higher thrust ratio performance will make you preciously deliver sealants and make you easier to apply stiff caulk at the same time. The patented 360° Rotating barrel can let you effortlessly apply the caulk in hard-to-reach areas. No trigger gaps can allow you control the amount of the caulk and will bring the benefits of long-lasting use. In order to meet every user’s demand, we also offer larger capacity and smaller capacity for 18:1 series. That stands for 165ml (6.05 oz) and 400ml (13.05 oz) cartridge separately. We use high strength aluminum alloy as 18X series handle. If you would like to put a rubber coating on grip and trigger or polypropylene casing to protect your body, you could also make an inquiry for it. This will comprehensively protect your body without serious scratching. Our 18 series applicator guns is heavy duty and built for long-lasting use. With argon welding carriage, you will be satisfied with the solid appearance and weight. Every customer have their own preference for ladder hook puller. Someone like J-shaped hook while others like batman-shaped hook. It’s  all up to you. If you are a construction worker, you can also refer our 26:1 series.


Our OEM services are multiple. We can paste your own dome sticker on the protective casing. The package is one caulk guns in one plastic bag and 12 caulk guns in one carton. It totally protects the caulk guns and is convenient for distributor who wants to sell products to end-users.


For more OEM services, please check specific descriptions and contact us.