52:1 Series Power Sausage Gun

52:1 drive sausage gun is perfect for high material and cold weather. Its highest drive performance can accelerate the power when you squeeze the thicker sealants. No matter you are applying 300ml, 400ml or 600ml sealants, our 52X series sausage gun can meet your demand. Each one is equipped with no trigger gap design. Thanks to great control on the amount of sealants, you can preciously and durably use the caulk guns. Besides, each 52X sausage gun is covered by an impact-resistant polypropylene casing. It’s not only for reducing the rates of wear and tear but only for attractive appearance. If you would like to design your own caulk guns, we are willing to print your logo on the barrel. Our patented quick fit design can make your caulk guns multi-functional. With our 2-in-1 plunger, you could apply cartridge on your sausage guns once you remove the barrel and end cap. If you are looking for a sausage gun that combines the features of highest performance drive and durability, you should refer our 52X sausage gun. It’s definitely your dream sausage gun.