29OZ Quart Size Series Caulking Gun

The 29 oz. quart size series Caulk Gun is designed for dispensing quart sized caulk tubes (28-29oz tubes) such as Glue Noiseproofing Sealant. We’ve provided different thrust ratios including 12:1, 18:1, 26:1, 52:1 and magic switch series. Depending on the viscosity of sealants, you can pick the most suitable guns here. It’s really popular in the US market. Except for P4-R05, each quart caulk guns are equipped with no trigger gaps functions. If you prefer precisely apply caulk and durable caulking guns, you can refer these series. Additionally, we’ve developed and manufactured a premium quart sized caulk guns for high-end users. 52X quart sized caulk gun is ideal for cold weather and highest viscosity materials such as epoxy. Temperature will affect the viscosity of most materials. If you usually apply caulk in the cold weather, you can refer this series to effortlessly apply thicker sealants with high-drive performance. If you were the person that prefer a multi-functional caulking gun, you could refer our magic switch series with two thrust ratios to apply different viscosity sealants.