36:1 High-performance sachet component dispenser

Having high-performance drive, our 36X sausage gun can reduce user's hand and wrist fatigue to squeeze high-viscosity materials. When apply sealants in cold weather, sealants are easily get stiff, so that using our 36:1 thrust ratio, it's more easily to extrude materials out. 

2-in-1 sausage gun that meets versatile demands

Each of our sausage gun is equipped with patented quick fit & toolless plunger system. It comes lots of benefits. To make plunger easily be assembled on our square piston, a honey-coned shaped plunger is designed. Thanks to the quick fit & toolless plunger, users can easily assemble the plunger without using tools to remove the nuts. It can be converted between two loading materials, sachet pack and cartridge. Moreover, its honey-cone shaped enables to squeeze all the sealants out without leaving the rest.

High quality made tool

Made with aluminum alloy handle and trigger and treated by liquid coating, it can offer great durability, better abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. 

Patented no trigger gaps design

When there are too much free play on your trigger, without adjusting screws, no trigger gaps design allows to automatically have no free play on the trigger so as to offer precise and efficient dispensing. 

Even though you use it for a long time, it will have no free play on the trigger. It means that it can immediately squeeze the materials out.

Easily operate it around corners or awkward area

Each of our sachet component is equipped with a patented rotary barrel. When meets around corners, the handle or barrel can be rotated at any angle smoothly due to its patented washer design.

Rod puller option

• Patented rod puller with detachable cartridge cutter

(Detachable cartridge cutter is assembled on the push rod, can easily do cutting at a perfect angle or detach it from the push rod for individual use)

• Patented 2-in-1 convertible rod puller

(can be 180-degree expanding, and can be folded as a J-shaped ladder hook)

• T-shaped rod puller

• Ladder hook puller

High viscosity materials or cold weather, choose our 36X series is the best solution!!