380ML Coaxial Cartridge Guns

SSF 380ml coaxial cartridge gun series can accommodate all industry standard 380ml coaxial cartridge in 10:1 mix ratio. We’ve manufactured several coaxial cartridge gun in different thrust ratio such as 18:1, 26:1, magic switch series (12:1 to 24:1) and 52:1. It’s for applying medium and high viscosity two component materials such as epoxies, adhesives and PU. It’s ideal for various industry fields including construction, electronics, automotive…etc. It can dispense coaxial cartridge and single component cartridge. The heat treatment chrome plated push rod is designed for long-lasting usage. Patented no trigger gaps action can control the amount of sealants well so that it can offer precise and efficient dispensing. Compared to other coaxial cartridge guns without no trigger gaps action, it can produce better result and reduce material waste. Patented polypropylene casing is designed for covering the trigger and handle. It achieves aesthetic and functional effects. Thumb pressure release on catch plate functions is similar to dripless function. Once you pressure it, it will release pressure of cartridge so as to prevent materials run-on or make you take out the cartridge easily when you take a break.  


How to select a suitable coaxial cartridge gun

Basically, we recommend you choose suitable coaxial cartridge gun depending on the viscosity of materials you would like to apply. For medium and high viscosity materials, you can refer our CG-380K (18:1) coaxial cartridge gun. For high viscosity material and cold weather usage, you can refer our CL-380K (26:1). High performance drive is great for applying thicker sealants in low temperature environment. It’s easy to use and produce great result. For handling low to high viscosity materials, you can refer our SD-380K (12:1 to 24:1). With patented quick switch thrust ratio system, you can easily converts in seconds and replace different viscosity materials on it. It’s pretty great for the person that frequently apply caulk in various field. Our magic switch coaxial cartridge gun can absolutely satisfy your demand. If your sealant or caulk are higher viscosity and want a powerful thrust ratio, you can refer to our 36X series that allows you to dispense materials easy on hand. For highest viscosity materials such as thickened epoxy, you can refer our 52X-380 (52:1). 52:1 drive can reduce hand fatigue when you are squeezing thicker materials. Highest performance drive design accelerates powers to make you save time and effort.

If you still don’t know how to choose it, please contact us at info@ssf-tw.com. We are pleased to help you.



As a professional caulk gun manufacturer and supplier, we always listen to our customer’s voice and satisfy their demand. We offer OEM services on each caulk gun. To prevent materials from flowing or dripping, we offer dripless function installing on coaxial cartridge guns. In terms of appearance, we offer powder coating on carriage and protect casing on handle and trigger. Standard colors are blue, red and black. Rubber coating on grip and trigger is designed for comfortable using. If you would like to reveal your brand logo on coaxial cartridge gun, we offer screen print logo on carriage and dome sticker on protect casing. 

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