18X Series Two Component Dispenser

As a professional two component dispenser manufacturer in Taiwan, we provide many kinds of high-quality and easy to use two component dispensers. Dual component caulk guns are applied in construction industry, automobile, architecture…and so on. Depending on the volume and mixing ratio of your two-part materials (e.g. construction silicone, acrylic sealants for internal joints, and epoxy mortar in concrete….etc.), you can choose the best dual cartridge guns at SSF.


Co-axial cartridge guns

CG-330CK and CG-380K are SSF co-axial cartridge guns. 18:1 drive can provide well-performance output when squeezing medium and high viscosity materials such as chemical anchor polyester, epoxy acrylate, Vinylester chemical anchor… and other 10:1 co-axial cartridges in this market. It’s a 2-in-1 caulk gun. Due to its three rods in sync, it can also accommodate one-component sealants. Equipped with no trigger gaps provides precise and efficient dispensing. All of 18X series two dual component adhesive applicator are equipped with no trigger gaps. Therefore, if your cartridges are side by side, you could refer our U-shaped two component caulking guns.


U-shaped and arc shaped dual component adhesive applicator

This series can separately accommodate 160ml (5oz), 180ml (6oz), 200ml (7oz), 400ml (13oz) and 600ml (20oz) side by side cartridge. Depending on the mixing ratio of two-component materials, you can choose our 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 10:1 side by side cartridge guns. It’s ideal for medium and high side by side cartridge materials in the market. Each caulk gun is made of argon welding carriage. This can offer durable and high quality caulk guns. Our patented impact-resistant polypropylene casing can protect your caulk guns from bumping or hitting. To prevent your cartridge deforming while you are applying caulk, we install pipe clamps on several caulk guns (CG-385K, CG-400K and CG-585K). Because the pipe clamps are bouncy, it holds the cartridge stably. Without pipe clamps, arc shaped dual cartridge guns can offer stable cartridge dispensing since its arc shaped strongly hold cartridges.


Heavy Duty Caulk Gun Dual Cartridge

CG-600K and CG-825K are SSF dual Cartridge heavy duty caulk guns. 600K (20oz) can accommodate 600ml-650ml (1:1 or 2:1 mixing ratio) side by side cartridge. 825K (28oz) can accommodate 825ml-900ml (10:1 or 2:1 mixing ratio) side by side cartridge. This series is designed for people who prefer professional and high quality caulk gun. This series is equipped with bouncy pipe clamps for stably holding cartridges. It solves the problem that cartridge deformation causes bad output while you squeeze the trigger.