Two Component Dispenser (Dual Component Cartridge Gun)

SSF manufactures multiple sizes of 2-component and co-axial component dispensers. Two-component dispensers are used for applying the mixing component materials such as acrylic, thermal grease, UV glue, liquid silicone rubber, epoxy and so on. Due to the various materials mixing with certain B/catalyst/harder in the market, we produces two-component dispensers for different varieties of industries including construction joints, crack injection, adhesive installation, bolt setting chemical anchoring, interior, industry filling, industry sealing, cow hoof, horse hoof caring, grouting and so on. Now, let’s select the suitable dispensers for your work!


Co-axial component dispenser
Our co-axial component dispensers are multi-component caulk guns (2 in 1 caulk guns) because it can be used for two-component and one-component sealants. It is available for Polyester chemical anchor, vinylester, epoxy acrylate chemical anchor and other cartridge adhesive in the market. Like single component caulk guns, the appearance of the cartridge placement is circle arc. The cartridge ratio of co-axial component dispensers are all 10:1. They can be applied for 330ml and 380ml cartridge. We’ve provided several series of co-axial components for you to take your pick.


Two-component dispensers (Dual component applicator guns)

SSF develops and manufactures a wide ranges of dual component applicator guns with different specifications and functions. With no trigger gaps design, our dual component guns are extremely precise, durable, powerful and easy to use. The dual component cartridge are able to work with different volumes cartridge such as 160ml, 180ml, 200ml, 400ml, 600ml up to 900ml cartridges. Besides, they offer smooth and powerful thrust ratio from 12:1, 18:1, 24:1, 26:1, to 52:1. Depending on how viscous your materials are, you can pick the most suitable thrust ratio caulk guns for your applications. From low to high viscosity, our two-component dispensers can be applied. We also offer heavy duty dual component cartridge guns.  600ml-650ml dual cartridge dispensers can be used for 1:1 and 2:1 cartridge ratio.  825ml-900ml can accept 2:1 and 10:1 mixing ratio.  If you prefer heavy duty construction, you could refer this series. It can offer durability and high performance output. There are several types of handles made of high quality aluminum with epoxy coated finished such as cover casing one or rubber coating one. Our two component applicators are ideal for hoof care caring, chemical anchoring, construction, concreting and building industries.


50ml dual cartridge dispensers

SSF dual cartridge dispensers can be compatible with 50ml cartridge. It’s for DIY or Professional markets. It’s equipped with 4 pieces of aluminum ratio change plates. After changing the ratio plate, it can assemble 1:1, 2:1 and 10:1 side by side cartridge. Besides, it includes 5 pieces of push piston which can be used alternatively to accommodate different side by side cartridge. If you don’t know how to use our 50ml dual cartridge dispenser, we will attach an instruction manual to it. This can assist you in understanding how to use our 50ml dual cartridge dispensers.


52X series- a high-end series caulk guns for professionals

If you are working with higher viscosity sealants or working in a cold weather, our higher thrust ratio is your essential tool. No matter how thicker your materials are, you can easily and effortlessly squeeze the trigger with our 52X series. It’s definitely an economic manual component dispenser because you don’t have to pay lots of money for electric caulk guns or pneumatic caulking guns. They do have the same effects.

Other customized options

We offer two kinds of materials for rod puller. One is made of nylon and the other is made of epoxy coated metal puller. If you are a dripless caulk guns lover, dripless functions are available to install. Moreover, if you want to have baking paint on your caulk guns, we provide three standard colors (red, black and blue) for you to make a choice. If you prefer other special colors, you could make an inquiry to us. Finally, if you would like to brand on your manual dispensers by logo printing and logo stickers, that is also available.