7:1 single component dispenser

7:1 single cartridge guns can apply acrylic, silicone and latex. DIY user can also refer this series. Moreover, in terms of the material of trigger and body, we offer two types to choose including Nylon+Glass fiber and Zinc alloy handle / Steel trigger. If you are the person who prefer dripless caulk guns, you could ask for installing this dripless function. The dripless function means that dripless mechanism automatically pulls back the push rod when the gun’s trigger is released. This process is to make sure caulk won’t continue to flow. Although 7:1 single cartridge guns are economical applicator guns, we use the high quality parts and materials to manufacture them. It’s absolutely different from other skeleton guns on the market. SSF always insists on manufacturing best quality caulk guns and pursues consistently innovation no matter it’s economic one or premium one. If you’re really curious about our real quality, just contact us right away and make an inquiry for our samples. When you truly utilize our caulk guns, you will understand how best our caulk guns are.