Brand-new high quality caulking dispenser with high-performance

Powerful thrust ratio for well handling high viscosity materials 
Professional 36X dual component dispenser has outstanding 36:1 thrust ratio which makes easy work for high-viscosity materials and sealant. During cold weather use, the temperature is getting drop, the adhesive becomes stiff easily. Having its high-performance, it enables smooth and easy operation without hand and wrist fatigue.

Whole caulk gun body made with high quality materials 
Heat treatment chrome plated push rod prevents bent push rods when dispensing high-viscosity materials. Its robust carriage that can offer stability for cartridge dispensing. The handle and trigger is made by aluminum alloy and treated by liquid coating. It ensures long durability, better corrosion-resistance and abrasion-resistance.

Multi-patents design
Patented no trigger gaps design offers precise dispensing. How does it achieve that? When there are too much free play on the trigger,  users don't have to adjusting the screws, it will automatically have no trigger gaps on it. Even using for a long time, it will still have no free play on it. It means that when you squeeze the trigger, the materials will immediately comes out. It also reaches the benefits of extending tool life.We offer an option to let you choose the protect case covering on the handle. It can prevent dusty in parts and allows you to add a LOGO on it as needed. You can make an own brand product and make it be more aesthetic.

There are multiple sizes and cartridge ratio of dual component dispenser to let you choose from.

36X series dual component dispenser is born to save your hand strength in dispensing high viscosity materials. Try this one will never let you disappointed!

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