Mixing Paddle for Bulk Caulk

As a professional caulk gun manufacturer and supplier, we offer multiple mixers in different length. Depending the volumes of bulk caulk, you can pick 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm and 140cm to mix the materials. It can mix 2 component low viscosity materials (e.g. silicone acrylic, acrylic latex…etc.). Compared to other mixers in the market, our spiral paddle can push the materials from top to bottom smoothly. The spiral rim design can prevent materials from splashing and protect the bucket of bulk caulk. If you frequently apply 2 component materials in large volume, our mixer is your necessary tool for smoothly and easily mixing materials.


Various Bulk Guns in Different Thrust Ratio

Make you not easily get frustrated in loading bulk gun and efficiently and precisely dispense materials! We supply multiple bulk guns in different thrust ratio. For low and medium viscosity materials (e.g. silicone, acrylic, adhesive…), you can choose our 12X series bulk guns. For medium and high viscosity materials (e.g. epoxy, PU), you can pick our 18X series. For high viscosity materials and lower temperature usage, you can refer our 26X series bulk gun. For cold weather usage and highest viscosity materials, we strongly recommend you pick our patented 52X series bulk guns. 52:1 high performance drive help you accelerate the power in squeezing the materials. For low to high viscosity materials, you can choose our magic switch series. It enables you to apply a wide range of caulk with quickly switch thrust ratio (12:1 to 24:1). It’s not only our multi-functional products but also wins a great reputation around the world.


Functions of Bulk Guns

You can pick our patented ergonomic batman rod puller which save your effort in pulling materials. All of our bulk guns are equipped with rotary barrel which enables you to apply caulk in hard-to-reach area. Besides, patented quick fit and toolless plunger system makes our bulk guns multi-functional. This system helps you quickly remove piston and place 3-in-1 plunger without tool so that it can accommodate bulk, sausage pack and cartridge. No-loss trigger action makes it precisely and efficiently dispensing and reduce materials waste.