10:1 Single Caulking Guns

Our 10:1 manual dispenser series is designed for 310ml cartridge. It is ideal for low and medium viscosity such as latex, acrylic, silicone and adhesive. The nylon handle and trigger are impact-resistant. You can absolutely believe in our quality. It features patented unique release pressure design. That means when you take a break at work, you could press the upper part of the trigger to release the stress. Then, your caulk guns won’t contiuously drip down. Different from other single caulk guns, our 10X series handle is close to the middle part of caulk guns. Thanks to our balanced forced handle, you can hold the caulk guns stably and apply your caulk comfortably. MF-S12, MF-R02 and ME-R02 are all equipped with built-in belt hook. It’s convenient for you to hang this caulk guns on your belt. 360° rotating carriage is made from high-strength reinforced steel. It’s pretty durable. With rotary functions, you can simply rotate the handle or carriage to apply your caulk. These special functions are our innovative design. This series is SSF best-seller in Europe.


Other options

If you prefer other kinds of hook, you can choose our patented 2-in-1 convertible rod puller. 

If you prefer dripless caulk guns, you could also add a dripless function on your caulk guns.

Are you interested in our innovative caulking guns? Please contact us at info@ssf-tw.com for more informations.