The best tool to keep caulking line perfect - Caulking Spatula

Smooth the bead of caulking with your finger will be messy on both your hands and the caulking line.

Using our caulkingspatula tool enables comfortable and ergonomic use to get a perfect caulkjoint!

The caulking spatula is mainly designed tosmooth caulk joint and ensures it with a perfect line even around the edges andgood adhesion to substrates.

After caulking on the surface around window, dooror bathtub...etc., using it to simply smooth and spread the caulk joint to aperfect line and help out excess caulk.


It's made with the classic hardwood handle andpremium grade stainless steel with rounded tips and polished for optimum flex.

Since it's not made with plastic component, easy to clean and won't beinfluenced by the solvents.

There are multiple sizes of spatula tips widthsavailable to be chosen from.

Another one is a set of all 7 caulking spatulas, offering a complete sizes in different widths and lengths to let users choose from.

No worry about buying different sizes for your caulking lines, only owning one can solve every situation!

OEM services

It is available to show your LOGO on it by laser engraving.