Single Component Dispenser (One-Component Dispenser)

With highly professional manufacturing, our 10oz/310ml single cartridge dispenser becomes the most popular product around the world. This single cartridge dispenser is not only for professional users but also for DIY users. To let you clearly and quickly search for the products you want, we offer specific photos and descriptions of our products below this page.


How to select

1.      7X series cartridge gun, 10X series caulk gun and 12X series manual dispenser

If you are looking for a caulking applicator that fits DIY users, glaziers or cabinet makers, our 7X series cartridge gun and 12X series manual dispenser are your best choices. It’s ideal for latex, silicone and acrylic. If you prefer unique caulk guns, you should refer our 10X series. Two special functions makes our 10X series one of the kind. Release pressure design makes your sealants not drip down during your lunch break. Middle handle helps you hold more stably when you apply caulk.


2.      18X Caulking gun and 26X Series cartridge gun

If you are a construction worker and looking for a caulking gun that is suitable for polyurethane (PU), epoxy or concrete sealants, you can pick our 18X series or 26X series cartridge guns. By the way, if you are working adhesive solution, you would enjoy it when using our cartridge guns.


3.      52X series power epoxy applicator

If you are looking for a caulking gun that is easy to use in a frozen weather, you can choose 52X Series cartridge gun. When the sealants become thicker in low temperature, our 52X series caulk guns can accelerate the power when you squeeze the trigger and makes you effortlessly apply caulk. It’s our high-end products for professionals!


4.      Patented rodless series cartridge gun

Are you the person that usually work at a narrow area? Are you always worried about that the long rod of caulking gun? Don’t worry about it. With our rodless cartridge gun, you can hang it on your belt and climb the building more easily. Besides, you could do corner sealing or working in a narrow area easily. We ensure that it’s the most awesome product that you’ve ever used.


5.      Magic switch series

 Consider the thickness of materials, you'll need to have caulking guns in different thrust ratio to apply them separately. To make users easier do various application, we combines two thrust ratio system in one gun which becomes magic switch series.

There are two kinds of switching series. One is 12:1 & 24:1 thrust ratio suitable for low to high viscosity materials. The other one is 9:1 & 18:1 thrust ratio suitable for low to medium-high viscosity materials.

9:1 & 18:1 switching also equipped with a 3-stage drip/non-drip system. Users can switch the mode they favored.

To find more info about new 9:1 & 18:1 switching series, please keep following our websites!

6.      29oz series.

If you are looking for a special series for quart sizes cartridge (29oz or 856ml), you can choose this series. It can be suitable for any quart size cartridge Most of American customers will choose this series.


A useful accessory for your caulking work

Do you usually cut yourself by utility knife? Our cartridge cutter is your best solution. Before starting your caulk work, you have to cut the threaded nipples of cartridge. Then, our cartridge cutter comes in handy. Its safe and effortless design saves your time and effort. Depending on the sealants you use, you also have to cut the nozzle to let it flow smoothly. Our cartridge cutter can assist you in this situation.


OEM service

Besides, in order to meet customer’s demand, we also provide customized services for the color, size and design of caulking gun. Regarding the size of the tube, we offer a variety of length cartridge such as 165ml (6.5oz), 310ml (10.5oz) and 400ml (13.5oz). As for the special function of our product, you can choose a series of manual caulking guns with dripless design. That means the sealants won’t drip down when you release the button. Also, we designs a built-in puncture on few types of handle and trigger to puncture the nozzle.


No trigger gaps design

SSF designs a series of caulking guns (model #CE, CG, CL, SR and 52X series) without free play. If your caulking guns have too much free play, you had to spend more times in squeezing the sealant out. This will make your caulk guns easily get broken. In order to solve this problem, we manufactures a caulk guns without free play to let your caulk guns be long-lasting. It controls the amount of sealants so that you can feel its higher precision usage. Ultimately, you can own a long-lasting caulking guns.

To know more information about our single component dispenser, you can click the series you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to make an inquiry. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.