Single Component Dispenser

With the professional caulking gun manufacturer, 10oz/310ml single cartridge is the most popular size in the world, for the DIY market and professional market, as we are the professional cartridge gun manufacturer, in order to satisfy customers' demand, we supply customized color, size, design and any special inquiry.

If you are DIY users or silicone, latex user such as Glazier, cabinet maker and so on, you can refer our 7X series cartridge gun and 12X series manual dispenser, they can support large flow sealants when you push the caulk gun’s trigger.
You usually work in narrow space area or hook your caulk applicator on your belt, please follow our rodless series silicone tools as it is awesome tools you’ve never used!
If you are the Construction worker, please check our 18:1 Caulking gun and 26:1 Series cartridge gun and refer the page item, which you will enjoy to work the adhesive solution with use our dispensers!!

SSF Dispenser are also lunch 52X series power epoxy applicator that you can use this Hercules of caulking guns and squeeze any thick of the sealant material and in frozen weather!!

Also if you usually work at narrow space area or you are always hook the dispenser on your belt and climb the building, you can check our patented Rod less series caulking gun so that you can work without any long rod!!

SSF also made professional caulking applicator, magic switch ratio series, dispensing tool with variable thrust ratio.
This dispensing gun combined 12X and 24X thrust ratio advantage, easier switch the button, change the ratio and flow, you can use one gun to extrusion of sealants or adhesive low viscosity to high viscosity sealants!

Regarding the size of the tube, we offer 165ml (6.5oz), 310ml (10.5oz) and 400ml (13.5oz) different length of carriage and offer few kinds of shape can choose.
If you have quart size (29oz, 856ml size) cartridge, especially in USA market, you could also refer our quart size 29oz series.

Our range of manual caulking gun offers dripless function that the sealants wouldn’t come flow when you release the trigger.

SSF designs few types of handle and trigger, within built-in puncture tool to puncture the nozzle.

So now please enjoy to reading our single component dispenser page and feel free to make inquiry so that we can service you accordingly.