Multi-functional Applicator Guns (3-stage drip/non-drip system)

Magic switch series single component dispenser is our best-selling product. It’s favored by lots of our customer due to its variable mechanical thrust ratio. Only own this one, you can do multiple applications (applying low to high viscosity materials). It saves your money on buying multiple dispensers in different thrust ratio.

How does Quick switch thrust ratio system work?

Imaging that you are riding a bicycle on the mountain and on the flat road separately.You will switch to lower gears (higher thrust ratio) while climbing the mountain (applying thicker sealants) for giving you extra power to move forward without fatigue. Vice versa, when you are riding on a flat road, you will switch to higher gears (lower thrust ratio) to help you accelerate the speed on the flat road (applying lower viscosity sealants). With this patented variable thrust ratio system, it can fit to every situation.

The original magic switch system is SR (12:1 & 24:1 thrust ratio) suitable for low to high viscosity materials. Now, we've designed another thrust ratio system - SGD (9:1 & 18:1 thrust ratio) with 3-stag drip/non-drip system. It's ideal for low and medium-high viscosity materials. Also featuring a 360-degree rotary carriage, it allows you to operate at any angle when meets corners. Moreover, its patented no trigger gaps design will automatically have no free play on it and offers precise and efficient dispensing without adjusting screws.

New roll-out SGD type with exclusive drip/ non-drip system

In addition to quick switch function mentioned above, SGD features a patented quick switch drip/ non-drip system which allows users to switch the mode conveniently.

Here is how the 3-stage drip/non-drip system work.

1. Switch to 0, keep materials dripping

2. Switch to 1, suitable for 18:1 thrust ratio preventing materials dripping

3. Switch to 2, suitable for 9:1 thrust ratio preventing materials dripping

New invented detachable cutter

We makes the original cartridge cutter to designed as a detachable cutter. It can be assembled on the push rod of single component and sausage gun. Improved the defect of spout cutter, it can cut a perfect angle on all of the cartridge nozzles and threaded nipples of cartridge. Covered by a protect casing, it can prevent users from hurting hands easily by bare blade. Heat treatment 420 stainless blade is sharp for easily cutting. Moreover, it can also be detach from the push rod and use it individually.

This high-quality caulking gun definitely deserves you a try!