330ML Coaxial Cartridge Guns

As a professional caulk gun manufacturer and supplier, SSF provides a variety of coaxial cartridge guns. 330ml series can dispense medium to high viscosity materials such as two component epoxies, polyurethane, adhesive…and so on. It can be applied in various industry including automotive, construction, electronics…etc. All standard coaxial cartridge in 10:1 mix ratio can be accommodated. It’s also a 2-in-1 manual coaxial epoxy applicator because it can also dispense single component cartridge. Patented no trigger gaps actions can precisely control the amount of sealants so that it will reduce waste and delivery great result of materials. Patented polypropylene casing covers handle and inner compacts for aesthetic appearance and comfortable holding. Thumb pressure release functions on catch plate prevent materials run-on. If you prefer one with dripless functions, you could ask for it. They could achieve same effect on preventing materials from flowing. Hexagonal vice-rods design will not be twisted and screws will not loosened. It’s for long-lasting use.

Various Thrust Ratio Manual Coaxial Epoxy Applicator

Depending on how viscous your materials are, we offer several coaxial cartridge caulk guns in different thrust ratio to let you choose. For medium and high viscosity materials, you can refer our 18:1 coaxial cartridge gun. For high viscosity materials and lower temperature usage, you can refer our 26:1 coaxial cartridge gun. It can definitely bring the benefits of high performance output. For low to high viscosity materials, you can refer our magic switch one (12:1 to 24:1). You can simply replace different viscosity materials and switch suitable thrust ratio to apply caulk. For dispensing high-viscosity materials or use it in cold weather easy on hand, you can refer our 36X series coaxial cartridge gun. For thicker materials and high-end coaxial cartridge guns, you can refer our 52:1 series. 52:1 manual coaxial epoxy applicator reduces hand fatigue when you are squeezing thicker sealants.



Make your unique coaxial cartridge gun at SSF! We offer OEM services for each caulk gun. You could ask for logo printing on carriage and dome sticker on the protect casing so as to make your brand logo obvious. Color customization on the carriage offers three standard colors such as blue, red and black. For other special colors, please make an inquiry to us.

With durable construction, versatile functions and high quality manufacturer, our coaxial cartridge guns can definitely satisfy your demand by expectation.

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