3-in-1 Bulk Gun for multi-use

Are you looking for useful and high quality bulk guns? SSF has developed a multiple bulk guns including 12:1 drive, 18:1 drive, magic switch series ( SGD, SRD and SR ), 26:1 drive, 52:1 drive and magic switch series. It's compatible with 600ml bulk caulk. It combines the functions of single cartridge guns and sausage guns. Thanks to our patented toolless plunger system, it enables users to remove/place plunger without tools and can be converted to use with cartridge, sausage pack and bulk caulk. It can dispense the last part of sealants and reduce materials waste. We always listen to the voice of customers so that our products can be proven. We add several high-quality functions on our bulk guns. For instance, no loss trigger action can manage the amount of bulk caulk well. When you are dispensing your bulk guns, bulk caulk can be delivered efficiently and precisely. If you would like a multi-functional bulk gun, you can choose our SGD and SRD series. It has a 3-stage drip/non-drip system to let you choose from two mode (drip and non-drip).

Kits with Bulk Guns

SSF invent a special 3-in-1 plunger for bulk guns. Installing it, your bulk gun can accommodate bulk caulk and sausage pack. Due to the rubber ring on the plunger, when you are dispensing bulk gun, the sealants won’t back flow. It can dispense the last part of sealants and reduce materials waste. After you removing the plunger, you can apply cartridge in the barrel. Each bulk gun is attached to a standard nozzle and a black large flow nozzle. Depending on the amount of sealant you want to dispense, you can choose one nozzle to use. Moreover, our cartridge cutter is your essential tool for nozzles. Our cartridge cutter is a safe and effortless cutter. The cutter is covered by an impact-resistant ABS body so as to protect your hand from sharp knife. It can also cut the perfect angle on all cartridge nozzles. If you prefer design your unique cutter, we are pleased to paste your own dome sticker on it. For stirring materials, we offer a universal mixer for all professionals. It can stir low viscosity materials such as adhesives, chemical coating and so on.


Types of Barrels and End Caps

In order to meet customers’ preference, SSF offers four types of barrels including durable PP translucent, PC transparent (clear), brush finish aluminum barrel and matte finish aluminum barrel. There are three types of end caps including durable nylon, aluminum alloy and quick fit design steel.


Other Customization

For ladder hook, we offer three types such as the original one on bulk gun, 2-in-1 convertible one and J shaped one. For colors, we offer baked paint on aluminum barrel. The standard color is black and matte silver. You could also ask for your preferred color. Rubber coating on grip and trigger and polypropylene casing are available.