Magic Switch Series (9:1&18:1) Bulk gun

Magic Switch Bulk Gun with Multi functions

Magic switch series (SGD) features switchable thrust ratio (9:1&18:1) that can fit every situation. The quick switch magic switch system is like bike gearing system. Imaging that you are riding in two different situation (applying different viscous of materials). When you are applying thicker materials (ride uphill), you will switch to high thrust ratio (lower gearing) for conserving your energy and accelerating the power of moving forward. In contrast, when you are applying lower viscosity materials (riding flat surface/ downhill), you will switch to lower thrust ratio (higher gearing) for stably moving forward without over-revying. Under different circumstance, you'll need to change the gearing speed (thrust ratio) to have the best performance.

Patented quick fit toolless plunger system makes it multi-functional !

Our bulk gun is 3-in-1 since our patented quick fit toolless plunger system. We design a square piston and 3-in-1 plunger (hill-shaped plunger) on it. It enables users to easy assemble without using tools to removing the nuts and make it be compatible with cartridge, sachet pack and bulk caulk. The hill-shaped plunger can squeeze all the sealants out without leaving the result and reduce the materials waste. It has a rubber ring on the hilled plunger (3-in-1 plunger), so when using bulk caulk, it won't back flow. The versatile use can meet all you need.

Rod puller and barrel options

There are four types of rod puller you can choose.

Ladder hook puller (J-shaped): available to be hung on the ladder or scaffolding when not in use

Impact-resistant nylon rod puller (T-shaped): standard type, easy to pull 

Patented 2-in-1 convertible rod puller (batman-shaped):2-way use, ergonomic design, be folded as a J-shaped ladder hook

Patented rod puller with detachable cartridge cutter: convenient to cut the threaded nipples of cartridge and nozzle at a perfect angle, can be removed from the push rod and use it individually

There are 3 types of barrel options including anodized aluminum barrel, PP translucent and PC transparent barrel.

Other useful accessories

Each sausage gun and bulk gun is supplied with a standard nozzle and a large flow nozzle. It’s single usage accessory. If you need more nozzles, you could pick and buy them. Are you looking for a safer utility knife for cutting the threaded nipples and nozzles? SSF cartridge cutter comes in handy. It features a safety on/off button for not easily hurting you. How does it work? Only put nozzles in the middle of cutter and press it, you could cut a perfect angle for your nozzles. It can be also used for cutting the threaded nipples of cartridge. It’s definitely an ergonomic cutter saving your time and effort.