Magic Switch Series Single Component Dispenser

Magic switch series single component dispenser is our best-selling product. It features variable mechanical thrust ratio. For example, when you are using our magic switch single component dispenser, you can quickly switch 12:1 thrust ratio to 24:1 thrust ratio.  It's perfect for low to high viscosity material. The magic switch single component dispenser series are all equipped with no trigger gaps design. Compared to other caulk guns (stroke: 6mm) in the market, when you press the trigger once, the rod puller will move forward 8mm. It means that there is no free play in this caulk gun so that you can press the trigger less time to finish your caulking work.

Now, you may be curious about how it works. Imaging that when you are riding a bicycle on the mountain and on the flat road separately, you switch to lower gears (higher thrust ratio) while climbing the mountain (applying thicker sealants) for giving you a bit of extra power. Vice versa, you switch to higher gears (lower thrust ratio) to help you effortlessly accelerate the speed on the flat road (applying lower vicious sealants). Accordingly, with this function, the caulk guns becomes more durable, long-lasting, high-performance and even precise. It features a 360° rotary type carriage. Thus, when you apply caulk on the corner, you can easily rotate the frame or handle (instead of the whole gun) to caulk without interruption. Its rubber coated trigger brings the benefits of comfortable holding and reducing scratches. The collection parts of trigger and carriage is aluminum alloy material. That can offer more stable caulk gun body without easily broken. If you prefer a unique caulk gun, we can paste an exclusive  domed sticker on the protect case for you.

New roll-out series in 2022

To make its functions versatile, we design a new series SRD which equipped with 3-stage drip/non-drip system. It let users have two mode (drip/ non-drip) to choose from during application.

How to use it?

Switch to 0, it can offer drip functions.

Switch to 1 when using 24:1 thrust ratio, it can stop materials dripping.

Switch to 2 when using 12:1 thrust ratio, it can offer non-drip function.

A patented rod puller with detachable cartridge cutter 

Our cartridge cutter is a useful accessory that are favored by most of customers. It's an ergonomic design that can be used to cut a perfect angle on all of cartridge nozzle with hurting your hands easily. To make it convenient to be used, we design a detachable cartridge cutter on the push rod. Without taking other utility tools, users can cut the threaded nipples of cartridge and nozzles as need. It can also be detached from the rod to be used individually. Then, it will be a J-shaped push rod. 

Versatile functions make you work easily! Don’t hesitate to experience your caulking work with our high-quality products!