50ML Dual Component Dispenser

The simple type of the dual component dispenser is 50ml cartridge. It’s perfect for low viscosity material and suitable for DIY users, dental and professionals. It features cartridge ratio change system. We offer versatile interchangeable ratio plates so that it can accommodate 1:1, 2:1 and 10:1 cartridge ratio. You can widely apply 2-part mixing materials (e.g. AB epoxy resin, acrylic glue adhesive, silicone gel component glue….etc.) on this dispenser. Moreover, 5 pieces of push pistons can be interchanged to accept different ratio side by side cartridge. It dispense small volume cartridge, but still precisely delivery materials.

Other options

You can ask for blow mold case (toolbox) package. All compacts and 50ml dispensers will be placed in this toolbox. It’s portable.