Multi-functional Applicator Guns (3-stage drip/non-drip system)

Magical switch series features quick switch thrust ratio system. The concept of magical switch is similar to bike gear shifters. The way that quick switch thrust ratio system work in two different situation is as below. When you apply thicker material (climb a hill on a bike), you have to switch to higher thrust ratio (lower gearing) to enhance the power of extrusion (accelerate from standstill). That will significantly save your strength and time to apply caulk (climb a hill on a bike). On the contrary, when you are applying lower materials (ride a bike on the flat road), you have to switch to lower thrust ratio (higher gearing) to make your output well-performing (achieve high speed without over-revving). Through this quick switch system, you can apply low to high viscosity materials.

9:1&18:1 switching series is a key product that we launch in 2022. Having the benefits of original 12:1&24:1 switching system, we changed it to be 9:1&18:1 switching system that is suitable for low to medium-high viscosity materials. To make it  more multi-functional, we also design a patented quick switch drip/ non-drip system. It allows users to easily switch the mode they favor. Besides, there is a detachable cartridge cutter can be chosen to assemble on the push rod for cutting threaded nipples of cartridge and nozzle. It can be detached from the rod and use it individually as well. 

Here is how 3-stage drip/ non-drip switch system work.

Switch to 0, keep materials dripping.

Switch to 1, suitable for 18:1 thrust ratio preventing materials dripping.

Switch to 2, suitable for 9:1 thrust ratio preventing materials dripping.

Features of sausage gun

To meek user's demands on various size of sausage packs, we offer 300ml, 400ml and 600ml sausage gun. Make it versatile, it's equipped with quick fit toolless plunger system which allows users assemble plunger and piston for cartridge and sausage packs without tools.

How to assemble it?

1. Place the 2-in-1 plunger on the square push piston, once you installed it properly, you can start to use sausage pack sealants.

2. Push the 2-in-1 plunger to remove it, you can use cartridge sealant.

OEM service

1. Branding your product: LOGO screen printing on the carriage

2. Rod puller choice:  Patented 2-in-1 convertible rod, patented rod puller with a detachable cutter, T-shaped and ladder hook puller 

3. Barrel choice:Anodized aluminum, PP translucent and PC transparent barrel

4. Colors

5. Packing

You can choose the appearance you favor and design a unique self-brand sausage gun!