The Best Manual Sausage Caulking Gun

Manufacturer of dispensing guns, manual sausage caulking guns is also a popular tools as it can use sachet pack (sausage) and compatible with 310ml or 10oz single cartridges.

This is multi-function product and easy to use that in order to satisfy trade professionals ' demand.

SSF offers three types of size to fit market needed, 300 ml or 10oz, 400 ml or 13.5oz, 600ml or 20oz sachet pack, the range of sausage gun support all of SSF handles and thrust ratio.

Most of popular is aluminum barrel with anodized finished, SSF offers three of length barrel and we have other option that we produce PP translucent barrel or PC transparent barrel in our range standard line.

With white sausage nozzles and large flow sausage nozzles, SSF offers two types of nozzles to apply different dispensing solution. The black large flow nozzles, we mark the measurement on the body, it is good idea for users know how much flow come out of sealants.

The aluminum barrel applicator with SSF patented quick fit and toolless plungers, unique plunger piston systems designed for square piston, it is easy to replace without any tools. When with the plastic honey-cones shaped plunger, you can used with sausage pack (sachet pack), when press the release latch up located on the plunger and remove the plunger by pushing it, then you can load the normal 310ml / 10oz or 400ml / 13.5oz single cartridges.

Depending on any kinds of sealant materials you use, we provide different thrust ratio of sausage guns, from 12:1 to 52:1, to follow your viscous material to choose the right thrust ratio sachet pack dispenser!
With patented design parts rotary barrel, SSF Sausage dispenser gives smoothly feeling when rotating the handle.

One of SSF Aluminum barrel sausage gun with Variable thrust ratio in 12:1 & 24:1.

Our range of Sausage applicator offers drip control function that the sealants wouldn’t drip when you finish the buckle the trigger.

SSF designs few types of handle and trigger, within built-in puncture tool to puncture the nozzle.

So now please visit our sachet component dispenser page and feel free to make inquiry so that we can service you accordingly.