Magic Switch Series Sausage Gun

Magical switch series features quick thrust ratios switch from 12:1 to 24:1. The concept of magical switch is similar to bike gear shifter. There are two poles apart situations. When you apply thicker material (climb a hill on a bike), you have to switch to higher thrust ratio (lower gearing) to enhance the power of extrusion (accelerate from standstill). That will significantly save your effort and time to apply caulk (climb a hill on a bike). On the contrary, when you are apply lower material (ride a bike on the flat road), you have to switch to lower thrust ratio (higher gearing) to make your output well-performing (achieve high speed without over-revving). Through this quick switch system, you can apply low to high viscosity material. To meet the market needs, SSF offer three sizes of magic switch series including 300ml, 400ml to 600ml. Not only did we develop magic switch system but also we design no trigger gaps functions on it. Patented no trigger gaps functions can precisely control the amount of sealants. That is, when you squeeze the trigger first time, the sealants can smoothly flow out without air coming out. When you continuously squeeze the sealants, your sealants can smoothly flow out without standstill. TPE rubber soft grip handle can offers excellent comfort.

We extends a new version ( SRD ) for this series which is to add a 3-stage drip/ non-drip system on it. It allows users to choose from two modes (drip/ non-drip) depends on the situation. 

How to use it?

Switch to 0, it can offer dripping function.

Switch to 1, when using 24:1 thrust ratio, it can keep materials non-drip.

Switch to 2, when using 12:1 thrust ratio, it can stop materials from dripping.

Four kinds of rod puller choices

Basic type: Impact resistant Nylon+Glass Nylon fiber handle and trigger (T-shaped)

Hanging type: Ladder hook puller (J-shaped)

Patented and hanging type: Patented 2-in-1 convertible rod puller (Batman shaped), Patented rod puller with detachable cartridge cutter

Among them, patented rod puller with detachable cartridge cutter is a all new design in 2022. It's convenient for cutting the threaded nipples of cartridge and nozzles as needed. It can also be detached from the push rod and be used individually. 

Patented quick fit toolless plunger system

We design a 2-in-1 Honey-coned plunger that can be assembled on our square piston. With this patent design, users can easily remove the plunger without using tools to remove the nut. It can be converted to use with cartridge sealant smoothly. Sausage gun is also a great option for reducing materials waste since its honey-cone plunger can completely squeeze all the sealants out without leaving the rest. Overall, this system achieve two benefits, 2-in-1 use for cartridge and sachet pack sealant, the other one is environmental-friendly.

Other options

You can choose to paste a dome sticker on the handle protect case. It’s a good way to show your brand logo on the caulk gun. You can pick your preferred ladder hook (2-in-1 convertible rod puller, ladder hook puller, T-shaped rod puller and patented rod puller with detachable cartridge cutter). PP translucent, PC transparent barrel and anodized aluminum barrel can be chosen.