Magic Switch Series Bulk Guns

Magic Switch series features variable thrust ratio switch for every situation. Utilizing our magic switch system from 12:1 to 24:1 can apply low to high viscosity materials. Like bike gearing system, you have to switch gearing to meet different kinds of situation. For instance, when you are applying thicker materials (ride uphill), you will switch to high thrust ratio (lower gearing) for conserving your energy and accelerating the power of moving forward. In contrast, when you are applying lower viscosity materials (riding flat surface/ downhill), you will switch to lower thrust ratio (higher gearing) for stably moving forward without over-revying. Under different circumstance, the solution will be totally different. That’s why we need a variable thrust ratio systems equipped on one caulk gun. To make it multi-functional, we design a patented quick fit system on it. It can accommodate 600ml bulk-loaded caulking materials, 300-400-600ml sausage pack and 310-400ml cartridge. Unique 3-in-1 plunger is kit for our patented quick fit system. A seal ring installed on 3-in-1 plunger can prevent materials from back flowing. It can be also compatible with sausage pack. Pressing catch plate can instantly release pressure to stop materials flowing when you temporarily stop your caulk work. No-loss trigger action can control the amount of sealants well. When you squeeze the trigger every time, it will precisely delivery materials. This process makes you efficiently accomplish caulking work. It’s ideal for construction works for longer application.

Other options

T-shaped puller and batman puller allow you pull your caulking materials simply without accelerating lots of power. The batman puller is easily hung anywhere when not in use. For people who want to clearly see how materials flow, we offer PC transparent barrel. On the other hand, PP translucent one and anodized aluminum barrel can be replaced if you want better appearance. Laser logo printing on barrel can obviously show your own product in the market. For more OEM services, please make an inquiry to us.

Other useful accessories

Each sausage gun and bulk gun is supplied with a standard nozzle and a large flow nozzle. It’s single usage accessory. If you need more nozzles, you could pick and buy them. Are you looking for a safer utility knife for cutting the threaded nipples and nozzles? SSF cartridge cutter comes in handy. It features a safety switch for not easily hurting you. How does it work? Only put nozzles in the middle of cutter and press it, you could cut a perfect angle for your nozzles. It’s definitely an ergonomic cutter saving your time and effort.