52X series dual component caulk guns are of the newest patterns that can be obtained in the world. SSF develop and manufacture this series to help people effortlessly apply thicker sealants. It can also save your money because you can own an exquisite caulk gun without spending lots of money on electric power caulk guns and pneumatic caulking gun. 52X series all offer no trigger gap action for precisely controlling the amount of sealants and efficiently dispensing. Compared to 26X series, it give you higher drive performance so that you can easily squeeze the trigger. You won’t feel run-down after finishing your caulk work. No matter how thicker your 2-part materials are, 52X series dual component caulk guns can apply them. It can deliver materials smoothly with great results. It can absolutely be your best assistant for your caulking work.


2-in-1 co-axial cartridge guns

Our co-axial cartridge guns can apply 10:1 co-axial cartridge. We offer two co-axial cartridge guns in different volumes including 310-330ml and 380ml. Patented impact-resistant polypropylene casing can protect your caulk gun body. The color of PP casing can be customized. The standard colors we’ve offered are red, black and blue. Your brand color is available. With our OEM services, you can make a unique caulk gun and boost your brand awareness. It’s also a 2-in-1 caulk guns. Because three rods move together, it can accept single cartridge. When you are doing two different caulking works, you can refer this series to give you the best experience.


Dual component cartridge guns and Dual Cartridge Heavy Duty Caulk Guns

Depending on the volumes of dual cartridge and mixing ratio, you can pick the suitable cartridge guns here. SSF offers 160-180ml, 200ml, 200-250ml, 385-400ml, 400ml, 400-490ml, 585-600ml, 600-650ml and 825-900ml dual component cartridge guns. The mixing ratio can accommodate 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 10:1 dual cartridge. The arc shaped carriage can prevent cartridge from deforming so that you can stably dispense it. Besides, in order to provide stable holding on the dual cartridges, we installs pipe clamps on the carriage to strongly hold your dual cartridge. Heavy duty cartridge guns offer durability and high quality with its heavy duty and high-level manufacturing. It’s perfect for construction projects, automotive, architecture….etc.