36:1 unique powerful bulk Gun

Extremely 36:1 high performance drive makes it easy on hand

Get tired of squeezing high-viscosity materials for whole day work? Unique powerful 36X series saves hand and wrist fatigue. 36:1 high thrust ratio is born to make high-viscosity materials dispensing easy on hand. During winter use, materials are hard to squeeze since it will becomes stiff when temperature drops. Our 36X series comes in handy. 

High quality made tool with useful function

Its aluminum alloy handle and trigger and treated by liquid coating that offers great durability and more protection on it. Conveniently handle it around corners, users can easily rotate the handle or barrel so that you can smooth caulking.

3-in-1 Bulk Gun 

Due to its quick fit & toolless plunger system and square piston design, it allows users to assemble the plunger without using tools to remove the nuts and easily assemble the plunger. It's available to use three different loading materials, bulk cartridge and sachet pack. Bulk gun is a less waste and more environmental choice. Its hill-shaped plunger enables to squeeze the last part of sealants without leaving the rest. It can reduce materials waste. 

Barrel choice 

 • PP translucent barrel

 • PC transparent barrel

 • Anodized aluminum barrel

Rod puller option

• Patented rod puller with detachable cartridge cutter

• Patented 2-in-1 convertible rod puller

• T-shaped rod puller

• Ladder hook puller

Patented rod puller function 

Most specialty, the patented rod puller with detachable cartridge cutter can open to cut the threaded nipples of cartridge and nozzle as needed. The cartridge cutter can be detached from the push rod and be used individually. 

The patented 2-in-1 convertible rod puller is an ergonomic design rod puller that allows users to pull the rod easily and can be folded as a J-shaped rod puller to hang on the ladder or scaffolding.  

OEM service

Patented protect case is available to be added, it can prevent dusty in parts. Users can also add a LOGO on it to present your own brand protect. 

For high-viscosity materials or use in cold weather, our 36X bulk gun can bring best the best performance!!